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I am Aniket Pal

About Me

I am Aniket Pal, a student passionate about Community building. I am an undergrad at National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India in the field of Electrical Engineering. I enjoy creating web applications that live on the internet and can be accessed by everyone. I have been developing software for quite some time it has been awesome so far! My main focus these days is to write performant and industry-standard code. I pay close attention to details and have a knack for UIUX

  • Age 20
  • Nationality Indian 🇮🇳
  • Address Durgapur,West Bengal,India
  • E-mail aniketindian8@gmail.com

What I Do

Community management

In the summer of 2020 I founded Webwiz a technical club of NIT Rourkela, from then I have lead and managed more than 80 people and conducted 50+ workshops. I have also hosted some of the events , my favorite being Hackodisha Project Showcase.


I am interested in web and app development. Moreover, I am fascinated by python modules like opencv and the upcoming AR/VR technologies. I really enjoy trying out new technologies and creating something useful out of it.


I wrote my first blog to share my college experience, but now I see how important blogs are to share knowledge with each other. I have written many blogs on a variety of topics mostly based on technology and lifestyle.


I am a hackathon addict. From being lead organizer of India's one of the largest hackathon Hackodisha to winning more than 10 interational hackathon, my journey has been awesome so far. I have mentored some of the MLH hackathons and also was a judge at H4I powered by Phonepe

Tech I am familiar with




National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

A prefinal year student currently pursing my Bachelor's in Technology in Electrical Engineering.


DAV Model School,Durgapur

Passed with cgpa of 10 in AISC and 94% in AIISCE was among 0.1% of the students in Physics in India. Qualified NTSE,VVM,RMO in in my high school days.


May - Sept 2021

Lead organizer at Hackodisha

With more than 1600+ applicants, 35+ sponsors, 20+ community partners, 5+ media partners, and 30+ outreach partners, Hackodisha powered by Postman is one of the largest hackathons of India. Engineered the web application from strach to production while keeping the code opensourced, designed the outreach and sponsorship plan, planned out the design pattern for the creatives and the websites.

Aug 2021

Software Developer at Bottle HQ

Worked on the onboarding flow of the web application, integrated redux saga with react while transcripting all the UI from Figma. Needed to exit due to health issues

July 2021

Full Stack Developer at Befinsavvy

Developed a dynamic and interactive platform for financial report generation, with features like dashboard, administra‐ tion panel, mailing system, firebase authentication, google Pub/Sub etc., that ensures automation in report generation and user satisfaction.

Jun-July 2021

Software Developer at AiBorne Tech

Jan 2021

Web Developer at ORSI Durgapur

Designed and revamped user friendly React web applica‐ tion. Fixed bugs from existing website and implemented en‐ hancements that significantly improved their functionality as an organisation.

July 2020

Full Stack developer at SRD Foundation

Developed a full stack web application with the features of payment gateway integration for donations and login. Op‐ timised the database queries.

Aug 2020 - Aug 2020

Web Developer at Udichi Foundation

Jul 2020 - Aug 2020

Web Developer at Stirring Minds

In Stirring Minds my role was in and around Vallina JS and Gatsby.I debugged and tested some of the templates made by the organization.


July 2020-Aug 2021
NIT Rourkela

Founder of Webwiz

Webwiz the technical club of National Institute of Technology,Rourkela. I mostly manage the projects,conduct workshops and webinar promoting web development culture in campus

Jan 2021 - Current

Microsoft Student Learn Ambassador

The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors is a program to sponsor students majoring in disciplines related to technology. The MSP program enhances students' employability by offering training in skills not usually taught in academia, including knowledge of Microsoft technologies.

Nov 2020 - Sept 2021
NIT Durgapur

Lead of Hack Club

Hack Club Lead of National Institute of Technology, Durgapur. Hack Club is global non-profit network of student lead coding clubs. The goal of Hack club is to help you become a hacker.

Feb 2021 - July 2021

Chapter Lead at GirlScript

GirlScript is the fastest growing tech-community in India. It is a non-profit project brought to you by GirlScript Foundation to help beginners in technology.


Jun 2016 - Nov 2019

National Caded Corps

From 2016-18 I was trained in martial arts and weapon training in montly camps arranged by Indian Army in Asansol. In NCC I was part of march past troop and lead school troop in NCC. I am a Bengal 10 CC Cadet. I was also selected in NDA but didn't join due to family reasons

Aug 2019-July 2021
NIT Rourkela

Rotaract Club

Rotract Club NITR is the student chapter of Rotary society. My major role in rotaract revolves around teaching poor kids, serving old people in orphanage, I have collected clothes and money for orphan by organising events with Rotaract team.


Playground UI


Hackodisha hackathon


Backover UI


Regina UI


Donna UI


Needs UI collection


ORSI Durgapur

Orsi Durgapur

Analyze Speed of Induction Motor

Analyze Induction Motor Speed

Credit card fraud detector

Fraud Detector

Movie Search Engine

Binge Watch

ICS Portfolio

ICS Portfolio




Speaker Hub

SDG Film Festival

SDG Film Festival



Air CLass

Air Class


WebWiz Portfolio

SRD Foundation

SRD Foundation





Sept 2021

Overall Winner at Teacher's Hack

Sept 2021

Second overall winner at Backyard Hacks 2.0

Sept 2021
Abilify, USA

Winner at Abilify Hacks

Dec 2020
Script Foundation

Overall Winner at Hack the Bond

Dec 2020

Track winner at Hack Battle

Sept 2020
BIT Sindri

Finalist at Spider

out of 1.6 lakhs

Was among Top 0.6% in JEE Advance

out of 1.3 lakhs

Was among Top 0.2% in WBJEE

out of 9.65 lakhs

Was among Top 0.7% in JEE Mains

out of 12 lakhs

Was among Top 0.1% in stage I NTSE Scholar